Because of the potential value that the Coronavirus Fintech Taskforce (CFT) offers lenders and their clients, and the UK economy in general, the taskforce has been well received by the market, including the press.
The CFT has featured in:
The Financial Revolutionist
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Jun-Jul White Paper
Catalyzing Positive Change: business lending in the post-pandemic era

The COVID-19 pandemic has put businesses under immense strain. Their economic prospects are bleak. Their cash flow runway is in many cases only a few weeks’ long. And, their outlook is precarious as they depend on financial institutions to make lending a truly efficient process – urgently.

IBSView Podcast
Ep 42: Martin McCann, CEO, Trade Ledger

A team of UK FinTechs have established a taskforce to provide a turn-key loan origination and underwriting platform that allows banks, alternative lenders and private debt lenders to virtually and digitally deploy funds to businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Blog
Coronavirus: threat to traditional trade or already doomed?

Global trade growth has been slowing massively since the financial crisis – with Coronavirus, the latest setback, causing a huge credit crunch amongst Chinese businesses.

Letter to BCR
Open Letter to Banking Competition Remedies Limited

Open letter to the Banking Competition Remedies (BCR) from Trade Ledger CEO, Martin M., urging the BCR Chair to deploy the £100m sitting in the #BCR fund smarter and faster.